New Alien Species Revealed – Transitorians

Hello there. I’ve completed the character model for the last standard alien species I am going to be doing. I’ve decided to call them Transitorians. They are a hodgepodge of different themes and styles. They have some east asian and middle eastern attributes. They have a techie look and they are going to be kind of the salvaging alien species. They will be a fairly neutral alien species but can sometimes be friendly. They will often avoid conflict if able and will only resort to aggressiveness with the player in a few circumstances.


Transitorians are a nomadic alien species whose home planet was destroyed by unknown forces lost to time (probably a natural disaster or environmental pollution).  As such, they embarked on a nomadic way of life – traveling from system to system looking for new opportunities. Economically they have been extremely successful  as Transitorians are often an excellent source of trade. They are experts at salvaging seemingly worthless space trash and turning it into valuable ship components  and materials that they can then sell at a profit. Currently, they are known to have some permanent colonies but they still do not have a home world – perhaps one  day they will decide to settle on a planet and make it the central location for all their species.

They will be fairly average in all their combat attributes. Their ships will have fairly average shielding and hull strength. Their boarding parties will be fairly average in combat effectiveness. Their one major advantage will be that their ships will have powerful engines modules – reflecting their nomadic and transient way of life.


I think I was inspired by various Asian looking sci-fi characters from Blade Runner. I think I was also inspired a little by the appearance of the character Kahn  from Star Trek – who in the original series had a somewhat Asian or middle eastern style(not the new Kahn who for some reason they decided to make English).

I am done with all the standard alien species I originally planned to do. I am now going to do three alien “critter” species that will appear aboard derelict ships  and various other places: A worm type critter, a bug type critter and a zombie type critter.

P.S. – I also made another type of head for the first alien species I posted about – the Bellumturans – they are warlike reptilians who wear power armor. I made a  reptile alien head to show how they look with their helmets off:


New Alien Species Revealed – Cerebturans

Hello again. I’ve completed the model for my next alien species: the Cerebturans. They can effectively be described as a friendly/smart alien species. They are going to have dialogues that showcase their intelligence and will be vital allies if they happen to be in the same local space (they will assist you with defeating enemy ships in the same local space). I gave their head model a larger cranium – and used pleasant colors on their skin and uniforms.


Cerebturans are highly intelligent and advanced beings. Fortunately, they were the first alien species that Humans are known to have encountered during their first forays into deep space. A ship of passing Cerebturans took pity on a group of early human space explorers, who were lost in a vast expanse of space, and offered to teach them various useful concepts and ideas that allowed them to continue and find their way. Cerebturans and Humans form natural partners and have a somewhat symbiotic relationship. The Cerebturans relying on human passion and aggression to help them defend their home systems. And we Humans have benefited immeasurably from the intellectual, social and technological advancement of the Cerebturans. We can only hope that this alliance continues for the foreseeable future. Any break in Human and Cerebturan interests would be a great loss to both species.

They will not be as offensively “combat-effective” as any of the other alien species (in both their ships and boarding parties) but they will have better science and repair skills than any other alien species. Their ships will be well shielded but have low armor and relatively weaker weapons. However, they should remain a challenge  to other ships because of the advanced ability of their crew to repair and buff the ship’s modules – their high ship shields will also make them formidable. I will probably emphasize their medical abilities by making their medical module one of their strongest ship modules normally.


I think their pointy ears are meant to remind you of another alien species from a popular sci-fi series.

I only have one more main alien species to go. And then I want to do three “critters” that I want to use aboard derelict ships (some kind of scary bug, some kind of scary worm, and something inspired by sci-fi zombies).

New Alien Species Revealed – Malnurans

Hello out there to the internets. I completed the character model for the alien species I am calling the Malnurans. To sum them up – they are the bad guys. The other alien species I have completed will have vices but the Malnurans will be the ones that you could definitely call evil. And I tried my best to give them a frightening appearance:


Malnurans are the most vicious and aggressive alien species we have encountered so far. Their obsession with spreading their cult-like religious beliefs extends to the use of force. Their resemblance to evil creatures from old human mythology may not be a complete coincidence as they have been observed inserting themselves into less technologically advanced alien civilizations and declaring themselves supreme divine rulers. Somewhere during their history their pleasure and pain centers must have been crisscrossed as many of their daily rituals involve various forms of self-flagellation and torture. They are a sadistic and masochistic alien species that must be stopped at all costs. The ones with the larger horns are the leaders; killing them will weaken the resolve of their followers.

They will have greater than average health than the other species – they will have more powerful weaponry than average . Their science and repair skills will be somewhat low. Their ships will have average weapons and shielding  – and they will contain many references to dark symbolism and will have a “cultish” look and feel.


The one to our right in the screenshot above is the leader version – it has glowing yellow eyes and larger horns. The one on the left is the standard version – with less prominent colors.

2 more alien species to go – and I also want to do two critters – I want to use them on derelict ships. I know I want to do an arachnid creature and a worm creature. I also had an idea to put “zombie-like” creatures aboard derelict ships. Zombies seem to be popular now so maybe that would be a good idea.

New Alien Species Revealed – Machinulans

Greetings m’lords and m’ladies. I just thought I would write another post for Y’all on m’website. Got some new aliens for you. I’ve called them the Machinulans. Which might sound a bit weird – but just try to say it a few times. It starts to roll off the tongue. Most of the names I use are somehow derived from Latin or Spanish (with help from Google translate). Maybe later I will shorten these with nicknames to make them easier to pronounce.

Machinulans are an advanced cybernetic species. Over many years of experimentation on their bodies, they have developed skin and flesh that is more adaptable to artificial enhancements and implants. Relying heavily on cloning technology – the original version of the species known as the Precursors maintain total control over a network of lower-level automatons known as the Agents – that were cloned much later. We are not sure of their final intentions towards the human species. The original ambassadors that were sent to make contact with them were never heard from again. But so far there has been no direct hostility towards us. As strange as their society may seem to us we have tried to maintain openness to the possibility that they will be friendly.

I sped up their walk and run cycles so that they move rather quickly – with the idea that their pneumatic legs would increase their mobility. They use machine pistols and fire multiple solid projectiles at once. This makes them quite scary to face but prevents them from doing as much DPS. Their ships will have slightly above average shielding and armor compared to the other species but their ship-to-ship weapons will be similar to their crew weapons in that they will fire quickly but do less DPS.


My goal is to have variation between the alien species but balance as well. If you place any two similar ships from any two species in the same local space and have them “duke it out” – they should come out fairly equal.

I’m not sure if my modelling skills are getting better. I spent a lot longer on this model than I have on the others but it also looks quite good to me. Especially in game:


There is a certain creepiness to them. I think the mixture of the organic and the mechanical adds a sense of strangeness to them. The one on our right is the leader version – one of the “Precursors” – the one on our left is an “Agent”. The precursor version is dirtier and also doesn’t have an eye implant – because the precursors are based on an older design than the agents.

It is interesting how many ideas develop in your mind when you create visual art. I think that is why I am saving writing the story for later in my development process. I want to do much of the systematic art – and maybe the sound – and then I want to be inspired by that art to write something with a coherent theme and a message that I feel is important. I can’t help but write down ideas here and there. But for the overall story I want to wait a bit. I’m not even sure whether or not I want to go the serious or the comedic route yet. Or maybe somewhere in between is the most likely.

Well there you go. Some rambling for you on my plans for the future for anyone who might read this.

I’ve got three more alien species I want to do.