My next project: Above Earth

As I finish up the development of Icarus SCS I couldn’t help myself but think about my next project. All that remains for me to accomplish what I set out to with Icarus SCS is to finish some basic writing and playtesting. I already have it mostly integrated with the Steamworks API as well – so I just have to decide on which Steam achievements and stats to track.

I had so many ideas for my next project(many good and many bad ones I’m sure). Unfortunately, when it comes to a one person dev team, you can really only spend so much time fantasizing before you have to pick something(for time and space and physics reasons). Otherwise, in my case, I would probably just think about potential projects forever.

I found myself playing around a lot in Unreal Engine 4 and I have developed an affinity for it. The cohesiveness of the engine is something that with current technology only seems to happen over the course of thousands of man hours of some of the best software developers in the world thinking and working on something(as well as years of feedback and testing). I’m very happy to be able to use it to make something and I hope that people will enjoy the final product.

Above Earth will be a survival game set aboard a space station in the near future. Development is in progress in Unreal Engine 4. Screenshots and more info to follow.

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