Music and Sound Effects

It’s been a long road, but I now have all the music and sound effects done for the alpha and nearly the final release.

The music consists of about 17 full songs plus a bunch of smaller musical phrases. They were produced by me using my VST of choice.

They are in the game, they are playing when they are supposed to and I am generally happy with how they have turned out.

Each species has its own song with a few different versions for different scenarios.

Here is the battle music for the alien “space lizards”:

Here is the battle music for another species of “alien cyborgs”:

The in-game versions of these songs are much more ambient and much less structured, but I cleaned these versions up a bit for the purposes of posting them online.

In addition to all the species’ songs. I also have a few miscellaneous songs for the beginning/ending of the game, as well as the main menu screen and some other things.

As for the sound effects, they were for a plethora of things ranging from species’ voices to ship-to-ship weapons.

Here is the voice of one of the species – a robotic type:

This is played when these robots first see the player.

The lions share of the art for the game is now done. My main focus now is on balancing gameplay – which will consist mainly of editing text files and some programming.

In fact, I am getting almost to the point where I could have a very limited closed alpha – which is something I am looking forward to.

I hope you find the music enjoyable. Thanks for listening.