A Whole Bunch of Stuff

I keep saying to myself “I’ll just do this one more thing and then I’ll make a devlog post”. But that “one more thing” turns into two more things and then three more things and then ten and then 20.

But I finally did that last thing (it was particle effects btw). A lot has happened since last year.

I finished ship floor plans and interiors:Floorplans1


I optimized the game:



I added a leveling system for ship crews. They now level up when they get kills. I also added a reserve crew mechanic:



I did particle effects for ship destruction and FTL jumps:



I got started on some text dialogues:



And of course I fixed a bunch of bugs:



My TODO list is getting pretty small now.

I’ll try to get another dev blog update out soon. Thanks for readin’.


I’ve had the main menu done for a while but here is a shot of that as well(keep in mind the game will probably never have multiplayer):