Ship Components Modeling – Human Ship Consoles:

Hello again, I’m going to make this a quick update. I’m still modeling. It’s going well. I finished human consoles. It feels good to be replacing all my placeholder models with halfway decent looking models. Here are a few gifs of the new consoles alongside the modules from my previous post:

GIF1-05-21-2015 GIF2-05-21-2015 GIF3-05-21-2015 GIF4-05-21-2015 GIF5-05-21-2015

Here’s a whole bunch of them:GIF6-05-21-2015I’ve only got about 70 of the 380 models done (some of them are not pictured here) that I wanted to have done by mid June. I think I’m probably going to miss that deadline but I’m happy with the way things are looking and that is the most important thing to me right now. I’ll be back with another update in a week or two.

Ship Components Modeling – Human Ship Modules

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been on my static modeling binge. I’ve been making good progress.

I’ve got about 30 static models done of the approximately 380 I want to have for the first playable build. Most of these models are completely original concept models whereas the models to come will be heavily based on these first 30 – so things should speed up a bit here soon.

In my previous posts I mentioned that a ship is made up of a series of components. Some of these components can include up to 9 modules:

Medical Module, Engines Module, Beam Weapons Module, Torpedo Module, Shields Module, Sensors Module, Environment Module, Computer Module, Security Module


The thing that was the biggest challenge for me when modeling these modules (slight tongue twister) – was how the function of each module should be reflected in its form. For example, I had to ask myself: what does a machine that heals crew look like? What does a machine that shoots torpedoes look like? What does the ship’s computer look like?

In many cases. I tried to find images of real world machinery and let my models be inspired by them. For example, for my Environment module I looked for images of “oxygen production machines”. I saw they consisted of a series of tanks and pipes and went on my way modeling.

For the shields module I had to be a little bit more abstract since we obviously don’t have machines in real life that create force fields – at least not that I know of.

These are all the human versions of the modules – I still have to do the modules for the 8 other species. Most of the time they will just include a texture re-bake and maybe a few embellishments. The modules for the “Insecturans” alien species will need a bit more work as they need to have more of a chitin/insect look to them.

The pulsing of the module lights is determined by the damage to the module and/or the amount of power supplied to the module.

Next up I will be working on the human “consoles”. I will have a few different types of consoles. In the end I will have 45 variations – 5 console types for each of the 9 species.

Doing these approximately 380 models is probably the biggest single artistic goal I will have with Icarus – and will probably be the most important part of determining the final look of the game. It feels good to be working on things that people can see with their own eyes.