New Alien Critters Revealed – Space Zombies

Hello again. I’ve got my last “critter” done. It is a “zombie” essentially:zombie_model_progress

Zombies are popular nowadays – so I figured it would probably be a good idea to have them in my game in some form.

Reports of strange behavior aboard starships is not out of the ordinary. Crews on deep space missions have shown strange decreases in language comprehension and mental ability and then suddenly stopped communicating altogether and we don’t know why. Expeditions should be sent out to determine the fates of these vessels.

I opted for a more slow moving zombie. But I made sure to make their animations fast enough to have them still be a somewhat challenging threat.

I created simple variations of skins for them:screenshot27

The pitch black one is actually the scariest to me. It almost looks like a ghost or something.

The relatively recent explosion of interest in zombies in popular culture is pretty amazing.

I actually believe that our interest in television shows like “The Walking Dead” and video games like “DayZ” has less to do with zombies and more to do with the emotional topics of survival and human trust.

I believe that “The Walking Dead” could have been about a world taken over by lions or bears and it would have been just as interesting in my opinion.

Anywhoozle, I’m done with my “critters”. I won’t be doing much more character rigging and modeling from here on out. Eventually, I want to do female versions of all the human variations I have created – and ideally all the alien species that warrant having a female version . Insecturans, Machinulans and Artificians – I think are fairly asexual so I won’t need to do a female version for them. Zombies should get a female version eventually too.

I have to do some brainstorming related things for about a week or two and then I will be starting the next major phase of the game’s development: Building all the various ships. I have a lot of ideas for ships and I’m looking forward to digging into that next.

New Alien Critters Revealed – Space Worms and Grubs

Hola, Buenos Dias.

I’ve got two more “space critter” models done. A space worm and a space grub.

I made various skins for them:screenshot26

Giant worms and grubs have been found to be quite numerous throughout space. Ship and station maintenance staff often come in contact with them during routine repairs – they often attach themselves to machinery and other sources of heat or vibration. Most varieties are not too dangerous – however certain variations have developed very sharp fangs and can bore through flesh. Population explosions have made them more and more of a danger. Entire crews have been known to be killed by these ravenous creatures. Coming aboard a ship that has been overcome by them is not a pretty sight. The larger grubs are the breeders and the smaller worms are more like workers or soldiers. The breeders can survive in the vacuum of space and are able to launch their larvae to distant planets – often they end up colliding with unsuspecting spacefaring vessels.

The grubs are large and slow moving but if the player is caught by one it will be difficult to get past it and it will do large amounts of damage.


The worms are quicker and more numerous – but they do much less damage.

I only have one more “critter” I am planning to do at this point in time – a space zombie. After that I will need to do some miscellaneous maintenance and then I will start the next major artistic phase of the game’s development – building all the various ships. I’ll talk more about that process in the future.

New Alien Critter Revealed – Space Spiders

Hello once again.

I’ve got the animated model done for the first of three critters I will be doing. It is essentially a space spider.


If you’ve read any posts by me in the past, then you may know of my slight insectophobia. Hopefully this phobia helped me to create a more scary and creepy spider:

Various forms of spiders have been reported in deep space. The most common being “Arachnida Malvectis”. There are few dangers more horrific in space than these arachnids. They have ravaged entire ships – stealthily killing entire crews. They are very dangerous – able to survive for long periods of time in the vacuum of space – flinging themselves from asteroid to asteroid – from ship to ship – even from planet to planet. They are common aboard Insecturan vessels – where they are used as a form of pet (a rather dangerous pet). Little else is known about these spiders. The original  native home-world of the common space spider is unknown and explorers who have ventured to search for it are often never heard from again.

I made 4 variations. 2 large and 2 small. 1 dirty and bumpy and the other smooth and shiny. They all use the same skeleton and animations.


I don’t like spiders. I’m glad I’m done with them – even if it was somewhat enjoyable doing the models. A common technique used in the psychology of phobias is to expose the patient gradually more and more to the phobia in question. This is known as and has a history of some success. So in the case of arachnophobia – you might start  with pictures of spiders and then work your way to videos of spiders. Then if progress is made – you might have the patient see a spider in real life. The ultimate objective would be to have the  patient touch the spider without fear – (or if you are from a south east asian culture – it is common to eat spiders –

I don’t think I will ever make this much progress. I am satisfied that I am now no longer creeped out by images of spiders as much as I used to be – after staring at reference materials for these models I did.


That is one of the reasons cats make such wonderful pets. pest-control – Cats love killing spiders and I rarely see  insects in households with cats. We really do have a symbiotic relationship with our pets.

Next up – I’ll be creating either a zombie critter or a worm critter – I’m not sure which yet.

I’m debating whether to make the worm more like a meal worm – or more like an elongated squiggly worm.