New Alien Species Revealed – Insecturans

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!! (his birthday was on the 15th but it is celebrated on the third Monday in January)

For anyone out there who read my post last week, my wisdom teeth extraction surgery went well enough. It was a slightly more complex wisdom teeth extraction than normal (I had five wisdom teeth – one extra which is called a supernumerary) – but I think I will be happy with the results once everything is completely healed up. This put a slight delay in my alien species modeling but I am happy to present the next one: Insecturans:


I think sometimes our memory is a strange thing. We have excellent memory of things that we would oftentimes rather forget and little to no memory of things that we would rather remember(“time flies when your having fun” goes the saying). That is how insects have always been with me (I would rather forget them because I am slightly Insectophobic – but I can remember them quite well). However, I feel in this case it might be a slight benefit to me – helping me to emphasize the things that creep me out the most about them. (it also helps that insects are much more simplistic in form than most other animals in the animal kingdom – easier to model).

Insecturans were discovered indirectly(or rather they discovered us) when one of their hive vessels crashed into Gamma Plutopia Spacestation. The frightening organic vessel crashed through the hull and a stationwide panic ensued. Large numbers of Insecturans poured out and began killing crew and destroying station systems. By the end of the day there was only one group of human holdouts left. They decided to make a run for the escape pods. But by the time they got to that section of the ship, there were only two survivors left – a mother and her daughter, a frightened eleven year old. While the mother fought off the attacking Insecturans with a flamethrower, she jettisoned a pod with her daughter in it – the sole survivor. Recovered after drifting in space for weeks, the girl was catatonic and kept whispering the word “bugs”. Insecturans reproduce voraciously, and they expand their territory at alarming rates. We can only hope that their conflicts with other species will distract them long enough for us to come up with a plan to counter them.

screenshot16As with all the alien species I am doing, there is a leader version that is slightly more difficult to defeat than the normal version. The one on the right with the yellow streaks and more colorful eyes is the leader version.

They will have lower health than humans but they will be much more numerous – often boarding in parties of 5 or 6. Their science and repair skills will be lower than other species and their weaponry will be less powerful but they will make up for this with their greater numbers and their aggressiveness.

4 more alien species to go. Then I will start working on the ships for each alien species.

New Alien Species Revealed – Mendacians

Next up are the Mendacians:

The Mendacians were first encountered by a trading expedition that passed near their territory. The expedition bartered with a Mendacian commander for some samples of their advanced shielding technology; trading their jump drive schematics in return. Trusting the seemingly friendly Mendacians – they installed one of the prototype shield modules on their ship – but the next time they passed through an asteroid field the ship’s shields suddenly failed and was then destroyed by an asteroid impact. As the trading expedition discovered – the Mendacians are deceptive and cunning. Most of their society is based on lies. Lies that every Mendacian propagates to their own benefit.

They will have higher health than humans – but poorer science and repair skills. They will have quicker projectiles than most other species – but the projectiles will not be any more powerful than the human projectiles. Their ships will have very high shields but not have much in the way of armor. Their color scheme is green/green-yellow/black and some grey.


For their heads, I used a combination of MakeHuman and Blender sculpting. They have a somewhat toad-like or lizard-like appearance(can you guess which species from TNG I was inspired by?):


I’ve got 5 more alien species I want to do – plus I have some ideas for some critters that might be interesting to put on derelict ships (large insects/arachnoids and I’ve always wanted to try doing some kind of worm type model).

I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow.

New Alien Species Revealed – Bellumturans

I’m currently doing the character models for the seven alien species that I want to have. The first of which is the Bellumturans:

Bellumturans are a warlike species believed to have originated in the Gallanteas region of the Goma nebula – although their current territory expands much further than that. Large serpent-like reptilian humanoids wearing powerful armor suits – they don’t take kindly to other species. They are not evil, per se, but their warrior code often results in violent confrontation with other species. Strong allies – relentless adversaries, it is best to make sure you don’t insult them or get in their way. And whatever you do, don’t in any way compare their physical appearance to any earth-native reptilians.



The Bellumturans have higher health than other alien species. They have an orange/yellow/brown color theme. Their ships will be heavily armored but will not have much shielding. They will board in groups of 1 or 2 usually as their crews are relatively small. But they make up for their low numbers with their high health and superior weaponry.


The yellower one in the screenshot above is the captain type. The browner one is the standard type. A game play mechanic that I have decided to pursue is one in which most ships will have a captain that will be somewhat more difficult to defeat than the standard crew.

You can also see the Humans and the robot species called Artificians in the prototype video I posted in December 2014: